Jeniva Joseph

Host | Radio Presenter | Promoter

Jeniva Joseph, 23 – Co Founder of FOFO (Future or Fuckoff) A Host, Radio Presenter, Promoter and all round Legend. Working in the media industry from the age of 14 as a Radio presenter on Reprezent radio and musician. She continues her work in the field, from setting up big club nights in some of London’s best loved night life venues to hosting open mic nights and interviewing some of the UK’s finest in the music scene. She also hosted a weekly show on climax radio ‘Fofo Thursdays’ playing the best of old school and new school with a weekly interview with an up and coming creative. Jeniva has a warm positive energy and the true vibes of a South East Londoner. The world is her oyster, she’s got big plans, she is just getting started, so watch the space!